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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the end of a nightmare. we have new details this morning about the intense man hunt that's finally over even though many more questions remain unanswered. >> reaction pouring in. here to the live desk as the supreme court decides on another controversial issue, this one involving how to end some people's lives. >> i'm chuck bell. today may be the prettiest day of the week. i'll update your increasing rain chances going forward. >> we just learned new information about a missing boater. a day on the water turns into a nightmare. news midday 4 starts right now.
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>> and in upstate new york david sweat in critical condition this morning. he's at a hospital in upstate new york under heavy police guard. yesterday sweat was shot twice by a trooper less than one mile from the canadian border. dozens of people set to the treat to show their appreciation for law enforcement. yesterday afternoon a new york state troofer, strait police spotted sweat running along a road and ordered him to stop. that's when sweat started running toward a wood line and the canadian border. >> we believe he was about a mile and a half from the border and was headed toward what he believed to be freedom and i think sergeant cook might have been the last united states citizen to view him. >> on friday a border patrol
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team shot richard matt. he was carrying a shotgun wen was shot three times in the head. >> and the final rulings of the supreme term. they up held the ruling of botched executions in states. the arguments that the drug can't with b used effectively as a sedative are speculative. the court approving an independent commission redrawing lines. and today just a little while ago ruling against attempts to limit pru lantollutantspollutants. they say the epa must consider costs. >> right now recovery crews
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searching the kres peek for a man. we talked to police. they tell us they believe the 32-year-old man died when his boat capsized near kent island. police just confirmed who he was to us. they were able to rescue four others. the man was not wearing a life jacket and did not know how to swim. on another boating accident on kent island a child died. take a look. natural resources police say the boat's driver lost control and then crashed into a spectator boat full of people. three of them are recovering right now. the child who died was only seven years old. >> glu >> blue skies and sun shine. loving the sun shine out there today. low humidity and nice breeze but not staying with this weather for long.
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returning to the forecast into tomorrow and of course talking about the fourth of july forecast ahead as well. what a beautiful day. temperatures mid to upper 70s in suburbs. 79 in fredericksburg. a pleasant morning outside. nothing on storm four team radar but our rain chances are increasing. the showers in ohio may be impacting our day tomorrow. more on that coming up. >> chuck, thank you. the chevy chase community is mourning the death of a mother and daughter killed by electric shock. we're learning about a home appliance that may be contributed to this. >> reporter: good morning. it was about 4:30 on saturday afternoon when authorityingsies were called to this home. when they got here they found a 29-year-old woman and a 4-year-old dead. authorities are now working on the assumption that they died
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from lek tri cushion. the reason being they found a sump pump a couple of them near where the bodies lay. this was a portable sump pump not the kind that's hard wired in and set into a pit. this is a smaller one that can moved from location to location and plugged into an outleg. they're working on the theory that there may have been faulty wiring and maybe there was an electrical surge that led to this high voltage incident here as we hear from the montgomery county fire department. >> electricity and water are not a good combination, so whether it was not a good connection with the outlet or there was a loose wire in the sump pump or some other malfunction, that remains to be seen. we believe it had something to >> and the montgomery county firefighter was also injured as he tried to agist thessist the two
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victims. we are live in chevy chase. back to you. >> thank you. today the second trial gotd underway. prosecutors saying a man tried to have his uncle killed. he was sentenced to life in prison last year for killing a man in the district. there are two others chasing murder charges in the death. that trial should last about two weeks. by this time tomorrow, montgomery county schools could have a brand new policy to protect your from sexual abuse. this evening the board of education is voting on the policy change. this would involve a new code of conduct, more training and background checks for almost everyone on staff. there were multiple six abuse cases. in one case a music teacher pled
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guilty as far as back the 1990s. the captured of an escaped inmate brings strong reaction on social media and we're delingvilling.
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right now an escaped convict back behind bars in north carolina. he was picked up along a road 80 miles away from the brown creek correctional institution. he scaled the fence there on saturday and took off. he is serving time for second degree murder. police arrested a kitchen worker for heing him plan the escape and housing him while he's on the run. >> a lot of you are talking about david sweat and richard
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smaut. we have the four things you need to know about the men the before and after of their escape and capture this month. you know they're both convicted murder ir murder. matte's murder is considered one of the most gruesome in new york. he escaped prison before climbing over razor wire and tried the same thing in mexico. david sweat shot a sheriff's department 15 times and ran him over with his car. the department was trying to arrest him. after sweat's capture the sister-in-law of the victim went online thanking members of law enforcement
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welcome back to news 4
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midday. so far this month of june we've had just shy of 12 inches of rain. that's almost 8.5 inches above average and not too far off the pace for the wettest june on record. today is the 29th of june. if we don't get more than two inches of rain between today and tomorrow it'll be in second place for the wettest june. increased rain chances, though. mainly going up into pennsylvania. could bring a few showers to the northern parts of shenandoah valley. by and large the metro staying on the dry side. right now in the mid and upper 70s. forecast for the remainder shine and pleasant. >> not too bad today. new today a big get for silver spring based company. discovery communications got the olympics starting in chie --
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south korea through the 2024 games. it's t deal is worth $1.5 million. they agreed to collaborate on a year around olympics channel. >> and in alaska, they are trying to find out why a plane slammed into a cliff on sunday. a father and daughter from montgomery county are among the victims. it went down in southern alaska. that is ais steep mountainous terrain. >> earthquakes,
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this just in. this is pretty unusual. two earthquakes in virginia in just two days. today just after 2:00 this morning, a 2.2 small 12 miles from courtland and then saturday at about 1:00 in the morning, a small earthquake five miles from louise, virginia. there was one a few years ago that was a 5.8. >> right now the dow is down more than 200 points and that's because of concerns about the greek economy. a live look at the big board. you can see some of the number ofs there. greece has closed all of the
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banks for the rest of the week. that move comes as fears grew that the nation would fall out of eurozone. cash withdrawal limits were imposed. there are long lines of people trying to take money out there. there are no limits for tourists but a lot of atms empty. >> this is in maryland. take a look at this. hel we're going to stay dry.
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there could be a few showers west of the shenandoah hours. rain chances around the metro start to increase by 1:30 tomorrow. a little better chance for afternoon showers tomorrow along i-81. rain chances for tomorrow at about 50%. it will be a warmer day than today with temperatures in the upper 80s. near 90 on wednesday and we'll talk about the fourth next. >> rates are going up this this week. starting on wednesday you'll be4% more for the same ride. let's break it down. right now a trip on the vre line costs about $8.45. on wednesday that will cost you $8.80. on average, you're paying $0.35 more per trip. >> a federal agency and google teaming up. the federal railroad
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administration asked for an alert that lets the driver know when they come up to track crossings. so far google is the only company that's agreed. it's an effort to lower train and pedestrian and car crashes. >> nasa trying to figure out if it's safe to pass on launches to private companies. the need for supplies again. we have the latest details about what was lost. >> reporter: this morning the investigation into how the seemingly picture perfect rocket launch suddenly went so wrong. a massive explosion has it vaporized over the florida coast. >> we appear to have had a launch vehicle failure. >> it's the third time one has been lost.
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last october another private company's rocket blew up on liftoff. then in april, a russian progress ship with three tons of supplies was lost in orbit. on board the space station scott kelly two tweeted. sadly failed. space is hard. he then called his twin, now a space x and nbc news consultant. >> three of these had a lot of his stuff. not only personal stuff and clothing and food but also supplies for some of the experiments and for upgrading the space station. >> also lost water supplies, a replacement space suit and parts for a water filtration system, but they insist the crew has enough food and water to last until the fall. >> they've done a tremendous job. >> reporter: these high school students had their experiment things lost again. >> we are not going to let this
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deter us. >> that's a great attitude. just a few hours ago, a solar powered plane trying to get from japan to hawaii passed the point of no return. that means there is no other place to land until it gets to the island. we've been tracking the solar impulse as its gone around the world. this is the most daring and dangerous leg of the trip. it is expected to take about five days. that's about 120 hours. it originally took off for hawaii on june 1st but diversed to japan because of weather. >> right now the first lady is preparing to leave the white house. she's heading to an event a few walks away. she'll speak about the need for girls around the world to have access to education. >> as we head toward the fourth of july, we're getting a look at
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which states are the most patriotic and one state in our area tops that list. virginia came in at number one. washington, colorado, idaho, and alaska round out to top five. researchers looked at things like military engagement, and civic education. maryland ranked 18th. west virginia came in 46th. new york was ranked the least patriotic of all the states. >> makes sense, virginia has a lot of connections to history. >> it's a social media trend that's getting a lot of doctors worried. why you need to know about something called the belly button challenge.
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developing right now, in fact or thes with the ntbs just arrived in massachusetts to find out why a plane crashed into a house. take a look at some of the video from the accident.
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this crash set the house on fire, wiped out the roof. four people who lived there survived however a child and two adults on the plane died. >> today a high school in rockville is providing grief counselors for the students. friday morning two recent graduates died in a crash. the boys died after the car they were riding in went off the road flipped and landed in someone's driveway. two other students were also hurt. speed and alcohol contributed to the crash. counselors will be able until 3:00 this afternoon. >> in news for your health this morning a story you are going to want to share with your children. it's a new fad that's been making the rounds on social media. it's being called the belly button challenge. the premise is that if you can reach behind your back and touch your belly button that you're fit. the challenge started in china. doctors are concerned it could
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lead to a spike in eating disorders. experts say there is no truth that being able to do this means you're healthy. >> a strange sight along some local highways and it's supposed to help you avoid confusion. we're back in 60.
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welcome back. officials are trying to make it easier for you to identify the express planes on the beltway and on i- 95. you'll start seeing purple lane stripes. they're being added inside the white and yellow stripes that lead to the express lanes. you can find out which exit you'll see the stripes on by down loading the nbc washington app. >> more than a thousand people have been forced to leave their homes as a wild fire grows. at least a dozen homes have been destroyed since the fire started yesterday. no one has been hurt. the fire is still burning out of control and things could get worse. the entire area under a red flag warning for wind gusts and low humidity as well as dry lightning. >> they've also had record heat out there as well. seattle was in the 90s yesterday and much of interior washington state and oregon were in the 105
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to 107 degree range. extreme heat. here in washington today, beautiful weather. nothing but blue skies outside today. sun shine for now. more rain chances around here but i remain optimistic about the fourth of july. today temperatures climbing up into the low and mid 80s. plenty of sun shine. tomorrow morn, tomorrow afternoon a chance for a few more showers. maybe a few slow downs. on the weekend probably no more than an isolated chance for showers. >> keep that isolated. >> thank you, chuck. the story that has dominated miles of damage after tornadoes. >> the damage pretty frightening. the first torrent near morgantown, staying on the ground for near eight minutes and the second one hit saint
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marry's mary's county. >> no one was hurt. >> and the coast guard are looking for a man they think died at kent island. >> it was one of two boating accidents there this weekend. >> reporter: it was the last race of the day here at the kent island yacht club when the unexpected happened. >> one of the race boats was on the course racing and struck a spectator boat. >> around 5:30 the racer lost control and slammed into spectator boats. >> there were about five vessels involved in the incident and there were some injuries. >> three people were injured. a seven-year-old boy died. >> four patients were transported. two by ground and two by aviation. >> it will take time to gather
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the information. i think right now our prayers go out to the families and the individuals that were involved in the event. >> reporter: the wasn't the only boating accident on sunday. about 30 minutes earlier and five miles away, four family members were rescued when their boat capsized. one person was missing. according to the maryland natural resources, that person is a 32-year-old man from silver spring. he was still considered missing three hours after the capboat capsized. the family said he was not wearing a life jacket and he could not swim. they say a strong gust of wind tilted their boat and they had to jump. >> wear your life jackets. don't just shhave them on the boat. you have to have it on before the crash. always wear the life jacket. it makes it easier for us to spot you and the aircraft to spot you, and you'll stay
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afloat. >> and that was karen cam bell reporting. we talked to police in the last half hour. >> right now there is a missing man from prince pill yamwilliam county that they think is in trouble. they're seeing william is in trouble and may need help. they say he left his home this morning but it means that police are really concerned here. he's 23 years old. has tattoos on his neck, hand, and wrist. think think heistblack toyota me a tricks with maryland plates. >> within the past hour a teacher in prince george's county learned his trial for six assault charges has been redelayed. the trial will begin in
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september now. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted a student inside the school inside school hours. he admitted it but said the relationship with the 17-year-old student was con sense wall. the jury could not reach a decision in the first tril in march. >> the mayor held a round table to hold a summer youth employment program. this is the first year the program will go on without the late former mayor. we are live in northwest now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. just about 15 minutes ago we saw the mayor walk inside this office building to speak to workers at this kickoff celebration. we caught up with two very nervous, very excited workers on the job down at the wilson building. 23-year-old sharonda adams sits
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at her desk at the mayor's chief of staff office. we recently met her at another employment job and this trinity grad student now fits in under the summer youth's program. new expanded age group for women and men up to age 24. and then we met jacob alice turner. he was at brandon todd's office ready to learn. >> i've gotten experience in different types of offices. this gave me an idea of what duos on in the city. it's not just wake up in the morning and go to city. there's policy and protocol andive lercharned a lot. >> i've always wanted a job, like a camp counselor but my dad was like you should try something for challenging so i thought i could learn how to be responsible and also take leadership because most people are not taking the job in an office like this but more like maybe easier jobs, but i always like to go the harder way so i can learn.
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>> that young man is going places. i can tell you, this is a washington tradition. i took part in myself when i was a teenager. the mayor has put her own honoring the late maron berry who started this program by renaming it in his honor. they are giving everybody in the program a bit of a raise increasing the hourly wage by $1 to $8.25 and almost $9 an hour for the older group. we're live this morning in northwest. >> an example of what the program can do, thank you. more republicans are joining the race. john kasich expected to announce his bid as soon as july 21st. he's reportedly heading to south carolina and michigan and iowa. he's potentially not the only candidate to watch. tomorrow chris chris tee expected to announce he will run for president and about two
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weeks from now scott walker says he'll tell us if he's running. if they all join, that will mean the republican candidates have 16 candidates. >> and joe biden's sons have urged him to join the race. biden's older and younger son encouraged him to rub. hillary clinton has a commanding lead right now but sanders is gapinge gaining on hillary clinton. the journal reports a white house official cautioned against any premature speculation. the biden family is still mourning the loss of beau. >> and i mentioned to you how much rain we've been picking up in the month of june. nearly 12 inches of rain after a warm and dry may. we have caught up in rainfall here. june has been a warm month. more than 3 degrees warmer than average. you combine warmth and moisture
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and you get outside on the lawn here at channel four a lot of great trees here are covered up with moss on the north side of the tree and in addition to all the pretty flowers out front also a little crop of mushrooms as well. mushrooms and moss for all the rainfall that's happening. >> chuck, thanks. a music super star falls on live television and one super
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lots of videos to watch over and over. one of the big ones, caitlyn jenner making her pride debut. she walked out to lots of cheers yesterday. this is a big appearance because she's been mostly under the radar. looks like she had fun as well. at the bet awards, take a look at this one. diddy fell in a hole while presenting on stage. the hole was there because lil kim used it to pop out of it
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during a song. he kept going. that's why he is such a professional. and the who wrapped up a festival in england with this to say. >> we'll have experience -- >> that was saying he's the biggest rock star in the world because kanye west made that same claim the night. there is strong lang careful if you want to share it. we'll have to see if kanye responds. >> kanye would probably respond like this. >> spot on. >> in 60 seconds, a popular pizza chain gets ready to serve up a different menu. >> why they're changing
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pizza may be their middle name but changes are coming to a
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restaurant chain's menu. cpk will include fresh and healthy food. alongside the various kinds of pizza, you'll see fish, and chicken. >> try to brap your mind around this number. today there are only seven models of car that qualify as american made. the camry sienna, the odyssey. the corvette, these are cars with at least 75% u.s. or canadian parts. they must be made and sold in the u.s. the ford f 150 was last year's vehicle but it's not eligible anymore because of the parts on the new model. >> outside for today, nothing to worry about at all. blue skies and a clear radar for now. temperatures are in the upper 70s in the suburbs to about 80
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in town. 80 in fredericksburg. a great day to be outside. hopefully you can get out and enjoy it. if you're planning to go out, not much of a change in the weather. temperatures hovers in the mid 80s for highs. about 84 in downtown d.c. >> okay. thanks, chuck. >> take a look at this. massive dust storm across the state of arizona. the wall of dust moved through phoenix yesterday. creating real treacherous conditions for drivers. several trees were knocked down onto cars and no one was hurt. a dangerous sight. >> they're used to that. we see a lot of video from this part of the country with dust storms. >> right now, a day long traffic alert affecting a busy road.
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right now tes shot by a new york state trooper is in critical but stable condition. doctors are treating david sweat at an albany hospital. >> he was captured after a state trooper saw him near the canadian border. now they're hoping to get information about how he got out of jail. >> reporter: good morning. look, you're right.
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locked down in a secure unit at albany medical center. he is in critical condition. investigators hoping he'll provide critical investigation about how he and richard matt broke free from this prison. >> after three long weeks the man hunt ended in just seconds. >> just bang bang. >> two shots dropping david sweat fired by a new york state police officer who was on patrol alone outside the search area when he saw sweat along a road just a mile or so from the canadian border. >> he started running. and the sergeant engaged in a foot pursuit. he commanded him to stop. he did not comply, and across to the boarder he used the appropriate means to apprehend him. >> reporter: his partner was shot two days earlier.
11:47 am
investigators aren't sure henwhen or if the men separated but they identified sweat's dna near where matt was killed. >> we believe they were using pepper to throw the scent off for the dogs that were tracking him. >> reporter: with the man hunt over, investigators are awaiting for their opportunity to talk with sweat. >> if he will speak to us, how this escape occurred how many people, if any, more than joyce mitchel were involved with the escape. >> reporter: as the investigation continues here. and this afternoon the second prison person arrested for helping will be arranged. back tow. >> outside sun shine here. nothing on radar around the metro area. there is an area of showers with embedded thunderstorms out here.
11:48 am
a wave of low pressure moving across parts of south western ohio. that's the only part of the eastern u.s. that has chance for stronger severe thunderstorms. no risk around here for us. there's welcome news, and that impulse of low pressure is heading north. we're going to stay out of severe weather risk. today sunny and 84. today a chance for rumble or thunder tomorrow afternoon and an isolated chance for a shower or two on wednesday. no big serious washouts like on saturday. >> thanks. a traffic alert in prince george's county. one lane is closed right now in temple hills. this lane closure goats from manchester manchester. the lane closure will last until tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. you'll get a break at the pump if you're headed out for the fourth of july road trip.
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gas prices went down two cents in the past week and could go down even more. right now you're paying about 2.58 in virginia. 2.82 in west virginia and $2.93 in d.c. experts say gas demand is growing baa large supply is keeping the price down. >> if you need an ambulance in loudoun county, you can now expect a bill. there's a new program to charge you if you need an ambulance. the newspaper says a ride could cost between $470 and $770. despite the massive celebrations at the supreme court friday over legalizing same-sex marriage, for many the issue is far from settled. today ted cruz told nbc who voted in favor of same-sex marriage rights, quote, violated their judicial oath end quote. cruise cruz defended his stansz.
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>> 20 states have adopted retention elections but they're a check when judges abuse their authority. >> cruz says it's a group of elites who lack religious diversity. within the past two hours the supreme court released the last three decisions for this term. a controversial sedative can be used as the first in a lethal drug cocktail to carry out the death penalty. there's a group of protesters who were hoping for a different outcome. the drug is at a center of a series of botched executions in oklahoma. and an order to up hold az aes seem for redistricting is constitutional. it preserves efforts in states including virginia to allow partisan influence. and finally an attempt to limit
11:51 am
power plant emissions. the court says the epa failed to take costs into their account. >> tuesdays can feel like the longest day of the week sometimes but in tomorrow's case, it's actually true. ♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression. love loud, live loud polident. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪
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well there are more and more questions about whether private companies can safely send things into space. you probably saw this dramatic video of spacex, the supply capsule blowing up in the air. lots of food and water were destroyed in this explosion. it is the third time in eight months a capsule failed on the trip to the international space station. we're told they have enough supplies to last through the falls. >> the orioles have a place. they won twice in one day. they didn't allow the cleveland indians to score even one run.
11:53 am
it's the first time in 40 years they've thrown shutouts in a double header. see if you can feel it. tomorrow the day is going to seem longer. a second longer than usual. >> that's because we actually will be looking at one second longer. nasa saying the earth is rotating slower just a tiny bit slow e slower. >> they're adding a leap second tomorrow. like a leap year, just a second. >> whatever that means. >> to try to even it out. >> the bottom line you get an extra second to sleep. it sounds like something out of a movie. >> a woman gets lost runs out of gas and that is when an unexpected delivery arrives and that's just the beginning.
11:54 am
are. right now thousands of law enforcement officers around the
11:55 am
globe are here in d.c. to take part in the world police and fire games. beach volleyball just started a few minutes ago. we were at national harbor yesterday for the dragon boat races. do you see that right here. these games happen every two years. all the events are free and open to the public. the competition runs through july fifth. >> this morning we are learning about one pregnant woman's unexpected delivery. she started feeling contractions and decided to drive to her parent's house. she took back roads, got lost and she had no cell phone. she had to start walking. she delivered her daughter by herself on the side of the road. low on water and with only four apples for the next three days she fought off bees and mosquitos. on saturday she started a fire that was quickly started. >> the fire went up and the side
11:56 am
of the mountain caught on fire and i was looking my daughter, and i was just like i think mommy just started a forest fire. >> oh my goodness. within a couple of hours mom and baby were rescued. both are in the hospital. and they are expected to be okay. good for them. chuck. all right. outside. that was a great story there. what an amazing survivor she is. temperatures now 81 at national airport. just going to be a perfect day to be outside today. i hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy it. i wish i could tell you it's going to week all week long. afternoon shower and thunder shower chances become for tomorrow. not severe weather. fourth of july looking more dry than wet. >> that's going to do it for news 4 life's morning multitasking.
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it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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